Visitor Management

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What Visitor Management Does For Businesses!

Visitor management systems allow businesses to see who’s coming in and out of a business site. This covers employees but also guests, such as employee family members, job candidates, and business partners. Nowadays, visitor management systems can do more than simply sign visitors in and out. They come with an array of features to make various business processes simpler in an all-in-one secure solution.

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A Mviz ERP visitor management system offers an essential upgrade to old-fashioned paper-based systems of the past. It is easy to use, intuitive, and delivers easy workplace management from one central location. It also incorporates a range of necessary health and safety, security, brand identity, and privacy features that keep your business secure.

Modules Of Mviz

Visitor Registration

This module allows visitors to provide their information, such as name, contact details, purpose of the visit, and other relevant data. It's the initial step in the check-in process.

Visitor Self Service

Online systems often offer self-service kiosks where visitors can enter their information, receive badges, and complete the check-in process independently.

Check-In / Check-Out

This module manages the actual arrival and departure of visitors. Visitors check in at a designated kiosk or reception desk when they arrive and check out when they leave.

Identification and Badging

The identification and badging module creates visitor badges with essential information like the visitor's name, photo, and access permissions. This helps distinguish visitors and employees.

Notification and Alerts

This module notifies hosts or relevant personnel about a visitor's arrival. Notifications can be sent through email, SMS, or other communication channels.

Watchlist Checks

This component checks visitor information against watchlists to identify potential security threats or individuals with restricted access.

OTP Verification

Some systems include OTP (One-Time Password) verification as an added security layer during visitor registration to ensure visitor identity.

Visitor Tracking

The visitor tracking module records the movements and activities of visitors within the facility. It provides data on where visitors have been and for how long.

Reporting and Analytics

Data collected by the system is used to generate reports and insights, which can be useful for optimizing security measures and making informed decisions.