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Medi Well is software for Hospitals and Nursing homes. It contains various modules like OPD Management, IPD Management, General/CGHS/Organization Billing, Patient Record Management, Medicine Details, Various Certificates Generation system, Bed/Room Management, Pathology Management with complete accounts system.

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Product Feature

Currency Master
Country Master
State Master
City Master
Firm status Master
Nature of Business Master
Sub-Sector Master
Company Master
Module Permission Master
User Master
User Permissions
Voucher Nature Master
Voucher Master
Invoice Master
UOM Master
Ledger Creation
Ledger Group
General Ledger
Party Ledger
Bank Ledger
Annexure Master
Inventory Master
Store Master
Rack Master
Bin Master
Size Master
Color Master
Packing Master
Model Master
Application Master
Item Make Master
Composition Master
VAT Commodity Master
Item Group Master
Item Category Master
Item Class Master
Item Master
Expense Master
Item Purchase/Sale Expense Detail
Voucher wise Expense Detail
Central Sales Tax Form Master
Others Commercial Tax Department Form Master
Marketing Master r
Area Master
Agent Master
Target Assignment Master
Depreciation Block Master
Department Maste
Day Book
Cash Book
Bank Book
Journal book
Purchase Book
Sale Book
VAT Sale Book
Estimate Register
Job Register
Goods Return Register
Goods Receive Register
Voucher Printing
Ledger Printing
Outstanding Analysis
Ageing Analysis
Trial Balance
Detailed Trial Balance
General Trial Balance
Purchase Register
Sale Register
Depreciation Chart
Interest Calculation on Partner’s Capital account
Interest Calculation on Bank Accounts
Interest Calculation on Party’s Account
Partner’s Capital Account
Annexure of Sundry Debtors, Sundry Creditor’s etc
Trading & Profit Loss A/C (Vertical)
Trading & Profit Loss A/C (Horizontal)
Balance Sheet
Cash Payment
Bank Payment
Cash Receipt
Bank Receipt
Journal Voucher
Contra Voucher
Indent Entry
Sale Order Entry
Sale Challan Entry
Sale Bill Entry
Service & Job Bill
Debit Note (Goods Return)
Credit Note (Goods Receive)
Stock Maintenance Entry
Issue Entry
Purchase Bill Entry
Purchase Order
Material Inward Entry
Material Approval
Store Transfer Entry
Bank Reconciliation Entry
SMS Group Creation
SMS Template Creation
SMS Reminder
Send SMS on Group
Ledger Account
Party Ledger View
Trial Balance
Profit & Loss Accountr
Balance sheet
Stock Ledger View
Indent Register
Purchase Order Register
Material Receipt Register
Material Rejection Register
Material Movement Register
Sale Order Register
Store Transfer Register
Stock Issue Register
Stock Register
Stock Ledger
Stock Summary
Expiry Item List
Price List
Stock Register with Stock Parameters
Stock Register with Packing Details
Forms Issue/Receive
Details of Forms
VAT Input Book
VAT Output Book
VAT Summary Ledger
Annexure A & B (Automatic & Manual)
Form xxiv (Automatic & Manual)
Form I (Automatic & Manual)
Form IV (Automatic & Manual)
Form XI (Automatic & Manual)
Form XIV (Automatic & Manual)
Form XVIII (Automatic & Manual)
Form B (Automatic & Manual)
Purchase Details
Agent Wise Sale Details
Area Wise Sale Details
Party Wise Sale Details
Area Wise Target Analysis
Agent Wise Target Analysis
Broker Sale,Commission Detail
Broker Purchase, Commission Details
Broker Commission Details
Cash Flow Analysis
Fund Flow Analysis
Currency Master
Country Master
Company Master
Module Permission Master
Backup Database
Parameter settings
Invoice Printing Options
Setting of Brokerage
Email Configuration
Setting Back up Path
Export Options
Voucher Re-Numbering
Letter Pad
Round off Management
Bill of Material
Process Master
Material Working Sheet
Packing , Barcode Generation
Tea Blending - Semi Process, Finish Process
Quality Control (QC) Module
Damage Tea
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